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Top Tips for a Greener Eco Friendly UK Holiday


Forgoing the flights and extra travel and choosing to holiday in the UK, is already a greener and more eco friendly choice. UK Staycations are proving ever more popular, but there are always ways to go greener. Here are some of our top tips for a greener eco friendly UK Holiday.


Choose eco friendly UK accommodation

If you are planning on choosing a greener getaway, look for properties that aim to reduce their impact on the environment. They may be completely off-grid, relying only on natural energy sources. Or holiday lets that have effective waste treatment systems and recycling programmes. Or have gone the extra mile to offer smarter heating, insulation and energy saving appliances.

Here at The Wanderlist we have a great selection of properties… Here are some of our top picks for an eco friendly UK holiday.


Consider your travel time and method

A holiday doesn’t have to mean travelling for hours upon end. The UK offers so much to see and do and a variety of scenery. So even travelling an hour away from home could offer a peaceful escape. If you find the right accommodation, it can truly feel like you are a million miles away from home!

By cutting down your driving time, not only do you have more time to enjoy your greener eco friendly UK Holiday, but you are also helping the environment. You could even consider using public transport where feasible to get to your destination.


Support local

Whilst on your eco friendly holiday, choose to shop local and support local farmers and growers. Local and organic food is not only fresher but it tastes better. Plus you’ll be doing your part for the community and the environment. Look for recommendations from your hosts or in the guest book of where you are staying. And don’t forget your reusable shopping bags!


Be a responsible guest

It’s not only the accommodation that should be eco friendly. You need to play your part too and be a responsible guest. Aim to conserve water where you can, use refillable water containers, take showers instead of baths and cut down on your clothes washing. Limit your energy use, turning lights off when not required, limiting use of heating or air conditioning. Reduce and recycle your waste, by making use of the holiday lets recycle facilities or use a local centre.

And also respect your local environment, always stick to footpaths and trails, never litter and explore by foot or bicycle where you can. It’s a much better way to explore!



Think about making the decision to turn off your screens and devices. It’s not only better for the environment, but it’s better for you! Limiting screen time can improve mindfulness and mental wellbeing. Be present with your loved ones and get back to basics. Enjoy a good book, a board game or simply revel in the peace and tranquillity that your greener eco friendly UK holiday has to offer!


Book a UK staycation today and make a greener holiday choice. View our full list of UK holiday lets now.