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New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep

January is traditionally the time when we all vow to create those New Year’s resolutions and stick to them! Every year we begin with such good intentions, but according to research only 1 in 10 of us actually reach our goals.

The key to sticking to your New Year’s resolutions is to keep them realistic, easy to reach and fun! Be specific in your goal and think about who benefits from it. If it’s going to help your loved ones too, you’re more likely to achieve it.

So here at The Wanderlist we’ve come up with 5 New Year’s resolutions that we think are reachable, fun and good for the soul.


Sam Bartholomew Photography

Travel More

After a year of lockdowns and restrictions, things are hopefully looking up for 2021. And we know you’ll all be chomping at the bit to get out and about. But forget the expensive far away destinations, and the concerns of travel abroad. Discover the unexplored gems right here in the UK, just begging for adventure.

From breath-taking scenery, to enchanting castles and local gourmet delights, there really is something for everyone. And remember there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!

So embrace all the UK has to offer and book those staycations and cheeky weekends away. There is so much beauty to be found, if we just look.

(Image Credit: Sam Bartholomew Photography)


New Year's Resolution to get fit

Get Fit

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get fit. But forget the crowded sweaty gyms, instead choose to get fit amongst some of the beauty of Britain’s natural spaces. You’ll be so captivated by the wonder of these enchanting landscapes that you won’t even realise how fit you’re getting. If you’re having fun, you’re more likely to achieve it!

From rambling through ancient woodlands, to hiking up a mountain side. Or for the more adventurous, try a new sport like climbing or paddle boarding. The possibilities are endless and many can be enjoyed right on your doorstep or a short drive away.

Not only will you be increasing your fitness, but being in the outdoors has so many health benefits to our physical and mental well being. You can even coincide it with goal number 1!


Relax More

So how many of us embraced the first lockdown, the extra time with family, the slowing down. Many came to realise what is most important in their life. Our mental wellness is often overlooked. Life is busy and stressful and we forget to take care of ourselves.

But we can not give from an empty cup, if we do not recharge our own batteries, how can we care and love those around us. To achieve true relaxation, it is helpful to surround ourselves with natural beauty, calm and peaceful surroundings and creature comforts.

So book the time off, avoid the stressful airports and lost luggage and book that ‘me time’ in. We think relaxing in a hot tub at a peaceful holiday let in the country would help too!

(Image – outdoor bath tub at Albion Nights)


New Year's Resolutions you can keep

Spend More Time With Family and Friends

Either in small groups or when the rule of 6 subsides, family gatherings to enjoy our loved ones and spend quality time together is a must. What better way than to rent a large holiday home. We can even recommend one with a hot tub to fit 10, when the rulings allow of course.

Make time for your family and friends in 2021. Explore beautiful places together, enjoy laughter fuelled conversation and make memories to treasure.


Yoga at Treehouse in Wales

Try A New Hobby

Experiment in 2021 by trying some new activities that could just be your new hobby. Having a hobby can enrich your life and also promote better health. Whether it is a mental escape, honing a new skill and increasing your confidence or an opportunity to socialise, there are plenty of benefits.

We can think of a few you might like to try? From Yoga on a treehouse deck or beach, to caving in the Brecon Beacons. Or find a snuggly spot to read a book, try a painting class or wild swimming!

(Image – Yoga at Cadwollens Treehouse)


Embrace 2021, be kind to yourself and make more time for the simple pleasures in life. Make some New Year’s resolutions that you know you can keep and have fun whilst do

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