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How to holiday at home in lockdown

Covid and lockdown restrictions are affecting us all differently. Whilst some relish the time at home. Others are just itching to get out and about. When guidelines were relaxed, many of you may have stolen a quick getaway whilst you had the chance. However a vast majority we know, are still quite unsure at the prospect. So whilst there is a need to be more creative with our thinking, let us help you plan a holiday at home in lockdown.

Avoid the staycation trap

The problem that many families face when trying to plan such a thing is the staycation trap. You see the list of jobs and chores surrounding you. And the temptation to just ‘tick’ a few off the list can be overwhelmingly high. The trouble is, particularly if you have kids, they will soon become bored. The excitement will fade and soon it won’t feel like a holiday at all.

But think, if you were away from home, this list of jobs wouldn’t get any smaller. So don’t fall into the staycation trap. Be strict at setting the time aside for your holiday at home in lockdown.

Think about your budget

Many families spend up to a quarter of their earnings on holidays every year. And whilst a holiday at home doesn’t need to necessarily cost anything or be expensive. If you allocate a bit of budget to it, it could open a new level of opportunities.

Plan what to do

When booking a holiday it’s always a good idea to do some prep work. From researching the accommodation and local area to planning meals and activities. Doing your prep work will also help to prevent you from falling into that staycation trap we talked about. Make sure you buy any food or materials you need for the fun holiday experiences!

plan your holiday at home

So what could you do on your holiday at home in lockdown

There is a plethora of fun to be had right in your own home. And we will share with you our top ideas for making the most of your holiday at home in lockdown. Fear not The Wanderlist are here to help!

Travel the world

If you have kids, try creating play passports and role playing. You can travel all over the world right from your sofa. With the help of live webcams and virtual tours. Be adventurous trying food and drink recipes from around the world. Learn through documentaries about the different cultures and places. There is so much right at your fingertips.

Get outdoors

Getting outdoors and being in nature is so good for the soul. It’s the perfect playground to explore. Reach for the map and try to find a new walking route, perhaps you could take a picnic lunch. By evening, make a campfire and sit and watch the sunset. Then if the skies are clear, partake in some stargazing. You can even get a smartphone app that will tell you the names of the constellations.

Family walk outdoors

Have a trip to the cinema

Make pretend cinema tickets, popcorn or snacks and pick your favourite film to snuggle up and watch together. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming services available, it’s now easier than ever to binge watch your favourite TV whilst you holiday at home!

Home cinema

Learn a new skill

If you fancy an experience or lesson during your holiday at home in lockdown. Then buy that pogo stick that you’ve always wanted to have a go on. And practise until you can’t stand up! Or try an online cookery class, make art with a craft kit or begin to learn a new language.

Cooking at home

At home spa experience

For those craving a slower pace. Try an at home spa experience. Dig out the candles and aromatherapy oils. Pop on some relaxing music, treat your feet to a foot bath or yourself to a soak in the tub. Try some online yoga or a calming meditation.

Spa at home

Meet up with friends

No one said a holiday at home in lockdown had to be lonely. Try a virtual party with friends or family. Platforms such as Houseparty, Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom are great for hosting a virtual party. Whether you want to plan a dinner party, a dance off or a quiz night. The possibilities are endless. Use your imagination.


And finally of course plan your next holiday away from home…

What better way to end your holiday at home in lockdown, than to swoon over relaxing hideaways, rooms with a view and romantic cabins. Head over to our property list to book your next UK staycation. After all, it’s always good to have something else to look forward to…