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FAQ’s for Owners

by The Wanderlist

What are your fees for listing my property? 

Listing your property on The Wanderlist couldn’t be easier. 0% commission, just a single annual fee. We have two packages available to choose from. View our packages and get in touch. We will gladly chat through the options with you. 

How much support will I get? 

Our mission is to help our owners promote their unique holiday rentals with ease, affordability and the support they deserve. We are on hand to help you get listed, we will keep in touch with you on a regular basis and welcome you into our online community of like minded property owners. The Wanderlist is here to help you become the holiday retreat you deserve to be! 

Is there a commission charge on bookings taken through The Wanderlist? 

No, as property owners ourselves, we know how crippling commission charges can be. The Wanderlist concept was born to help other property owners like ourselves to become established and successful without the hidden charges. 

Why should I choose to list on The Wanderlist online directory? 

As property owners ourselves, we understand the challenges. And also the hindering hidden charges and commission rates that other online directories charge. The Wanderlist aims to be affordable, supportive and personal. You will be joining a community of like minded property owners, where you can receive advice, support and most importantly create awareness of your amazing holiday retreat! 

How will my listing be managed? 

When you sign up, our in-house copywriter will begin to work on writing your property description and a listing will be made and assigned to you. You will then have management from here. With the ability to sync your availability calendar, change your prices when you need to and add your property features. 

Is the fee per property or owner? 

The fee to list on The Wanderlist is per property, not per owner. If however you have multiple properties to list, do get in touch and we can discuss a multiple listings discount for owners wanting to sign up to the GOLD package. 

I have more than one property to list, will this cost extra? 

If you have multiple properties to list on The Wanderlist, do get in touch as we can arrange a multiple listings discount for the GOLD package. Or if the properties are similar they may be able to be included on one listing.

How do I cancel my listing? 

A listing on The Wanderlist runs for 12 months. If you wish to cancel your listing, you will need to inform The Wanderlist in writing before your renewal date.

How quickly can I be listed on The Wanderlist?

We aim to turn new property listings around within 2-3 weeks, however it is usually done much quicker than this. 

How do I show my availability? 

Once you have been assigned your property listing on The Wanderlist. You will have the ability to sync your availability calendar with the one on our website. This will ensure your availability is always up to date. And you won’t need to alter every website each time you receive a new booking. 

How do I get bookings through The Wanderlist? 

Bookings through The Wanderlist will be made directly with you. Our guests will message you or visit your website directly to place a booking request. 

How can I cancel a booking from my availability calendar? 

To cancel a booking from your availability calendar, go to your ‘owner area’, select ‘My Bookings’ and find the dates or booking reference number you would like to cancel. Simply select cancel and the dates will be released on your properties availability calendar.