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5 Reasons To Staycation

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5 Reasons to Staycation in 2020

2020 has no doubt been a stressful time for just about every person on the planet, bringing life-changing and potentially long-lasting impact to thousands. Recent studies into the impact of the Coronavirus on mental health are revealing that 56% of people are feeling stressed or anxious and 49% are just plain bored!  

With overseas holidays proving to be somewhat of a gamble during this time, we think a stunning staycation is the ideal home remedy. Sure to lift the spirits and clear away the cobwebs without running the risks of an excursion abroad, here’s five reasons why we think a staycation is a good idea for 2020. 

The C Word

With the coronavirus outbreak turning everyone’s world upside down, what better way to restore some balance than a sublime stay in a cosy country cottage or trendy treehouse? With properties in some of the best beauty spots around the British Isles, our enticing array of accommodation is sure to ease the after-effects of lockdown. 

You’ve Been Staring At The Same Four Walls For Months

If you’ve experienced working from home during this time, it’s not hard to imagine that you are well and truly fed up with the familiar view of your kitchen table/makeshift office, which might even be making your homelife less enjoyable.

There’s never been a better time to escape your abode and embark on an adventure to a quirky cabin in the woods or even a stunning safari tent with a picturesque panorama. 

Relax & Recharge

With most of our properties equipped with a hot tub or outdoor bath (stargazing soak, anyone?) and perfectly positioned for you to enjoy the endless surrounding nature, you’re actively encouraged to spend your time basking in the bliss and boosting those tired batteries. 

Some of our properties have the benefit of spotty signal service, which gives you the ideal excuse to switch off – metaphorically and literally! 

Get To Know Your Own Lands

Us Brits are often quick to dismiss our captivating country, flocking to the airport with our precious allotment of annual leave. Here at Wanderlist, we celebrate the weekend warriors and keen roadtrippers that are eager to explore home territory. With 10 national parks, 34 AONBs and a vast amount of dark sky sites, there’s so much stunning scenery to be enjoyed.  

Supporting Small 

As we all know, a large amount of family-run businesses have been hit the hardest by the pandemic, which is why by choosing to staycation you will be directly contributing to keeping them afloat and allowing their livelihood to live on. So when you’re kicking back with a cocktail in your private hot tub, not only will you be feeling good, you’ll be doing good too.