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Hot Tub Holidays

and why you need one
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Hot Tub Holidays & Why You Need One

Everyone enjoys a little touch of luxury now and then, and hot tubs are the ideal way to add an element of indulgence when you choose to staycation. Irresistibly inviting, hot tubs bring many benefits to your mind, body and soul that you may not have already been aware of. 

Warm Waters 

Hydrotherapy has been shown to alleviate the symptoms of painful conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain. Making a dip in the hot tub well worth it for those who experience such conditions. A UK hot tub holiday could also be the ideal choice for those recovering from a muscular injury, with the soothing warm waters sure to relax any aching muscles. Whilst we do love a sumptuous soak in the tub, we can’t however give any medical guidance for those suffering from the above conditions. And so would always recommend consulting your doctor if you’re unsure about hot tub usage. 

Stress-Free Soak 

Water is often used in many different kinds of therapy techniques, to rid the mind of anxiety and stress. When you think about it, water has been seen as a therapeutic agent for centuries. Reaching as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans with their hot springs and blissful baths. By choosing a holiday stay with a hot tub, you’ll be able to enjoy your own personal spa for the duration of your stay (extra bubbles optional…) 

Sweet Dreams

If you struggle with your sleep, a holiday with a hot tub could be just what the doctor ordered. Studies have shown that bathing in warm waters around 90 minutes before bedtime not only relaxes the muscles and mind. But it also changes your body’s core temperature, sending you off to sleep as much as 10 minutes quicker than normal. 

Enjoy The View 

Many of our properties boast glorious views and picturesque panoramas, with private hot tubs strategically placed to drink them in. Think gloriously green rolling hills and enchanted woodlands all from between the bubbles. The UK is also home to many dark-sky sites, something that a selection of our properties also enjoy. For a truly memorable and magical experience, why not head out into the great outdoors beneath a starry sky and count the constellations with that special someone. 

With a range of stylish stays and boutique boltholes, our amazing spaces provide a selection of stunning spots made for soaking up the serenity, from wood-fired wonders to electronic affairs.


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